We were making plans to put in equipment and facilities to process the huge amount of wine grapes that we normally produce each year to send to our many wonderful winemaker friends and with the hope that we might start making some wine of our own.

Then came the opportunity to purchase Pheasant Ridge Winery which is a highly respected High Plains winery and vineyard that our friends Bobby and Jennifer Cox started in 1979. The current owners were wanting to move on to other opportunities, so they decided to auction off the winery and vineyard.

That was on November 6th, but the sale was finalized today! Yea, we are so excited about taking over this wonderful winery and vineyard operation.

Yes, there are tanks…

And barrels…

Bottling equipment…

And a heritage that we would like to continue…

And so the happy buyers are ready for more work. We will also be putting in a facility with equipment closer to our other vineyards for processing wine grapes.

We are very pleased that Bobby and Jennifer Cox will be helping us with the next stages. So we were all ready for some celebrating which took place after the auction at Sylvia McPherson’s La Diosa in Lubbock. Wonderful wine list with some great Texas wines made by Kim McPherson.

Good times with friends and family both young and old.

So now we will look forward, to see what the next ten years bring.



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