Early Vineyard Buds of Spring


As spring is upon us, the buds are beginning to show. There are not as many buds as we would like to see, but there are some. A single bud is such a thing of beauty. This is a Carignan bud.



The delicate beauty of the Carignan bud.



The reason that we are not seeing as many buds and new growth on the vines is because of winter freeze damage. The damage was severe enough that we have also been concerned about the health of the vines themselves.



There is still life and health in the vine itself as shown by the green color in this Carignan freshly cut cane. Even though we are seeing some buds there is a question of whether they will be fruitful buds. The #DirtFarmer is walking the vineyards though, and checking the buds and the vines. The vineyard crew is doing what they can for this years crop as well as the health of the vines for the future.



A Graciano bud.



The Mourvedre looks bare.



But there are a few buds in the Mourvedre as well.





The Petit Verdot is interesting to see. Because the buds were so few, two bonus canes were left on each vine to see if more fruit could be achieved. Notice my purple circles around some of the bonus canes. The bonus canes allow for more area to accommodate more buds.



The Tempranillo will be a short crop as well.



The Teroldego vines, an Italian variety, have quite a few buds. The young vines are very vigorous. 



This is early in the spring for us to even want to see buds. We usually do delayed pruning in order to not encourage bud break too early in the spring because there may yet be freezing weather which will kill the buds.

There is a cold spell forecasted for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. If the temperature falls below freezing for an extended period of time, the buds that you do see may die.

Once again it is just another spring time in a Texas vineyard. Texas can produce great wine grapes, but not every year.

As we celebrate Easter Sunday, we will remember our blessings and trust the Lord for the outcome of our crops.


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