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National Mourvèdre Day 2024

May 21 All day

A bottle of Bingham Family Vineyards Mourvèdre and a Reserve Mourvèdre with wooden spools.

Tuesday, May 21, is National Mourvèdre Day

Celebrate with Bingham Grown and Vinted Mourvèdre

Mourvèdre is a type of red grape that makes strong and flavorful wine. It originally comes from Spain and grows well in hot, dry places. The wines made from Mourvèdre often taste like dark fruits, herbs, and have an earthy flavor. Because it can grow in different places and make interesting wines, it’s a favorite among winemakers, including those in Texas.

Texas, with its warm weather and different types of soil, is a good place for growing Mourvèdre. This grape can handle the heat and dry conditions found in Texas. Vineyards in areas like the Texas Hill Country and the High Plains grow Mourvèdre, using the hot summers and long growing seasons to get the best flavor from the grapes. These conditions help make wines that are rich and full of flavor.

The Texas High Plains, with its high elevation and dry climate, is good for growing Mourvèdre. The higher altitude means cooler nights, which slow down how quickly the grapes ripen, allowing for better flavors. The sandy loamy soils, along with lots of sunshine and low humidity, help keep the vines healthy. Bingham Family Vineyards in the High Plains AVA produces Mourvèdre wines with rich fruit flavors and a strong structure.

Texan winemakers are seeing how Mourvèdre can make great wines that show off the unique qualities of Texas. By using sustainable farming methods and traditional winemaking techniques, the Bingham team brings out the best in these grapes to craft the best quality wines.

As you are exploring real Texas Mourvèdre, remember to consider purchasing Bingham Family Vineyards Mourvèdre. You can rest assured drinking Bingham wine, knowing not only where the grapes were grown and the wine made, but that you are drinking quality wine.

Relax and enjoy!

You can use our flavor profile quiz to choose which of our Mourvèdre’s you would prefer. Use this system to choose more of our wine to meet your particular wine preference.

2020 Reserve Mourvèdre.

bottle of Bingham Family Vineyards 2020 Reserve Mourvedre
Flavor Profile 2020 Reserve Mourvedre
Mourvedre buds on a vine growing at Bingham Family Vineyards

2019 Mourvèdre

bottle of Bingham Family Vineyards 2020 Reserve Mourvedre
Flavor Profile Mourvèdre

Ship your choices to your home for your convenience or enjoy either of these wines at any of our tasting room locations in Hye, Grapevine, Roanoke, or Meadow.

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