Long day today. But a good day. I didn’t get much wedding planning done, but we did get one thing done.

More on that later.

Instead today a whole group of neighbors, wine grape growers, and winemakers from all over the state of Texas got together for the 2010 High Plains Vineyard Tour. There was even a wine writer there. A really nice guy. The day was a long eventful one of seeing lots of Terry County vineyards.

We saw the Caswell-Hess Vineyard, Smothermon Vineyard, Reddy Vineyard, Young Family Vineyards, Hunter Vineyard, Graham Vineyards. Then we ate lunch at the barn at Redding Vineyards’ barn.

Everyone had a good time visiting

and enjoying the beautiful Reddy Vineyards in the background.

They also enjoyed more visiting.

ViJay had the absolute latest in farming equipment on display.

Then we went to see Lost Draw Vineyard (Andy Timmons), Flache Family Vineyard, Russell Lepard’s Vineyard, Bayer Vineyard, and the Oswald Vineyard. Then — we took a short break.

Then we had a shrimp dinner.

And more visiting.

There was one of the lovely TDA traveling quilts on display. The quilt had Texas wine growing and wine making picture all over it.

The back side of the quilt had fabric copies of Texas wineries.

This was a really cool quilt!

So the only wedding planning that we did today was that Clint and Alexis decided on a wine to use for their wedding toast, a sparkling Muscat Giallo from Brushy Creek Winery. Made with grapes from our vineyard – of course. But I am too tired to go get the bottle out of the basement to take a picture of it for you, so I’ll have to do that soon.

If you are bored with my lack of reports from the vineyard, you can go over to Clint and Alexis’s wedding site to see their engagement pictures. They were taken by a really talented photographer called Lain. We really do need to get the story straight on their web site. They really met on the farm, then they went to a party given by a friend. That’s the best place to meet a girl, right, – on the farm or in the vineyard.

Blessings, Betty

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