Landon Winer store front

I am about to put up a post about a wine made by Landon Winerythat they made with our Texas grapes, but between start and finish of that note, we got to visit Landon Winery in the historic downtown of McKinney, Texas. They also have a new location in historic downtown Greenville, Texas. If you go to their web site, there is a cool picture looking down from above on their winery. Here is the picture I took. Notice the line of people crossing the crosswalk to go to their winery. That’s just “us.” We had quite a few in our group that day.

They have a really nice wine selection. Which even includes a Chocolate Finale which has been winning all kinds of awards like Best in Show. I have one bottle stashed somewhere. But don’t tell anyone. I can’t wait to try it. 

They do some of their wine production at this location, so you can see some of the tanks.

Barrels ageing, just a nice comfortable décor.

Beautiful place. It was a nice diversion on our long drive home. Real soon you’ll see the wine that Landon Winery did with our Tempranillo grapes.

Blessings, Betty

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