I had a really long, hard, day today, – really. I was so tired I didn’t know if I could make it through supper. Then three of my little ones asked if they could use the new punch-out thingies that I had bought in town today. Logically I should have said, “No!” Those thingies are for making cut outs to decorate the tables at a party I’m going to next week. And it’s a really big deal. What if the kids break one? Or what if they make a mess?

OK, I think they have already made a mess.

There are probably little notes all over the floor as well as on this table. But what’s that over there?

Oh, wow, it’s a Valentine’s Day card for My Honey and me. And what’s this?

OK, I guess it was worth all the risk and mess. I love to hear those words. I love to see notes like the one above created and written by my 10 year old son. I think I will sleep well tonight.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I think that mine is already off to a great start.
Blessings, Betty

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