people standing in line at a wine festival

We went to the Lubbock Wine Festival last night. There was quite a line as you can see. A few minor difficulties getting things rolling. But, hey, maybe everyone will be patient since this is just the first year.


What did they have there? Well, there was food. La Diosa Cellers was there. They had some really nice Frito pie type dishes with pulled beef or one with queso & artichokes. La Diosa is so close you could go over there for lunch and then come back to the wine festival.


Mana Bread & Wine was there also. You can grab their tasty beans, rice, and meat wrap rolls at the festival or just head over to Catus Alley and have dinner there after the festival. They have a really nice wine list there with great Texas wines.

There was also Bigham’s Smokehouse with BBQ sandwiches and a sausge wrap.


There were booths with art work and jewerly and interesting things.


There was music.

Then there was the little bit confusing part. You need to pay $15 to get in to the festival. That is where you get your glass. In the festival area you can purchase tastes or glasses of wine (you can buy cases, too!) from the tent areas manned by the wineries themselves. The prices are set by the wineries themselves. That is were the food, music, and art is also. Then – you can walk over to The Ice House for more wine tasting. If you have already paid to get in to the Festival and have your glass, you pay $5 more and get tickets for 16 tastes of wine. This area was pretty busy.

Cliff and I would get tastes of different wines and share them so that we could taste each others and still get a sip of just about all the wines. This is where they have a people’s choice voting going on also. That will be interesting to see what wines Lubbock people like.




The confusion sets in a little though when you realize that some of these tastings are duplicates of what is going on at the festival. Notice the Becker Vineyards and McPherson’s Cellar’s above. But some of the winery’s in the festival are are not over here. So come over to The Ice House for a somewhat systematic tasting, but make sure you go back over and enjoy the day at the festival.

 The festival booths are manned by winery owners, managers, workers that really know their wines. This is where you will learn a lot! They are just a bunch of interesting people besides all that. Plus you don’t want to miss the wineryies that are only over in the festival area. Brushy Creek Vineyards is over there, and you HAVE to taste their Tannet.

I am going to try to get back over their today to take some more pictures of the festival area and share them with you here. But first there is cotton harvest, peanut harvest, STELR Suzuki group lessons, sunday school party, and whatever else seems to be on the calendar.

Also, the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra concert last night was fabulous! David Shea on the clarinet and Richard Meek on the bassoon as featured guest artists playing Duett – Concertino for Clarinet & Bassoon, TrV 293 by Richard Strauss was amazing, beautiful music. The whole orchestra was wonderful.

Wow, what a wonderful day you could plan. Go the the wine festival, then dinner at Manna Bread and Wine, and then the LSO concert.

Blessings, Betty

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