We have been so busy with grape harvest that I haven’t been here too often. Sometimes it is just very hard to live life and actually have time to comment on it. This morning I was out with the grape harvest, hanging on to the big blue harvester precariously with one hand while trying to maneuver my camera around. Maybe I can get those pictures on later today.

But while I was out there I took a few pictures of the cotton maturing.

It is look so beautiful and white.

We still have to wait for a freeze to defoliate that green leaves out there, but maybe we’ll consider picking it instead of stripping it. Hmmm, I’ll have to come back and explain that one later.

Later, I am just a little bit tired now. After harvesting rows and rows of grapes, we are about ready to start digging up the peanuts. Then we will get to the cotton. It’s is wonderful to have such a bountiful crop, but it does get a little tiring at times.



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