In the Vineyards and the Farm, June 2, 2020


Many of our vineyards will not be fruitful this year, but the green is showing hope to start working on the vineyards for fruit for next year. Extensive training will be going on the prepare the best cordons for fruitfulness for coming years.



You can see wheat growing in the forefront of a few of these photos.

We are harvesting this organic hard winter wheat right now. We save some for ourselves to make the best whole wheat bread. One of my favorite foods.

Interesting that you can take a grain, grind it up, add some honey, yeast, and salt to make fluffy whole wheat bread.



Our family and employee garden is doing well. Some of our children, employees, and their children have been helping. Time to lower the bags used for wind shields for the baby plants. Sierra, our daughter found a mouse caught in one. That wasn’t the most pleasant experience for any of the workers.

A few rows of corn were added in the foreground. I wonder if they planted any black-eyed-peas. When we plant those in our commercial row crops, we usually just harvest some from those fields for freezing.



Then there is the new-to-us crop that we are planting on our TDA certified organic land, hemp. We have acres plant for CBD and some for textile. We even have some experimental dry land acres planted to see how our soil and water will do with the Hemp.

Here they were planting last week.


That’s the update from the vineyard and the farms from this week. We hope that you all are doing well in these times and working towards planting seeds of hope yourselves.


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