Cross Timbers Winery in Grapevine just hosted a gathering of winemakers and winegrowers from across the state of Texas for a working discussion time. I started out this post thinking of “thanking” Cross Timbers in some way for hosting the event yesterday. I didn’t get to make it to this meeting, but I am sure that it was a productive time. So… thank you Cross Timbers for hosting this event.

Then my daughter-in-law, Alexis, reminded me that we had gone to Cross Timbers for an evening of fun with other Texas Wine people during the 2010 TWGGA Annual Convention. She asked me if I could find a picture for her from that event.

Yesssss, I was able to find it. That’s her with our son, Clint, enjoying the event. Isn’t she beautiful?

Then I started looking at the other photos that Alaina Eubank took at the event in 2010. All of the photos in this post were taken by Alaina with her creativity and skill. Great job, Alaina!

Beautiful winery and beautiful photography

Then I started thinking about all the people in the photography. Cliff and I have really enjoyed getting involved in the wine industry of Texas by growing wine grapes. One facet that we have enjoyed is all the really special people that we have met and gotten to know through the years. That got me reminiscing…

Then I started looking at the special people in those photos, like dear sweet Alphonse Dotson and his just as sweet wife, Martha of Dotson Cervantes Wines. Here is a link to an article about them in Our Texas magazine. You really need to go to the link to see the great pictures of Alphonse and Martha. They are both so photographic. I guess it is because their smiles are so genuine.

Oh, and Lou enjoying the cheeses…

And lots of good Texas wines…

And more people like Cord & Sandy Switzer from Fredericksburg Winery.

And Raymond & Gladys Haak from Haak Winery.

And there is our daughter and son-in-law, Tyler & Jessica Oswald.

And Barb & Gabe Parker of Homestead Winery.

Now how in the world did that couple sneak into this high class event?

Hey, maybe she got in by posing as one of those redheaded cowgirls that they keep putting on wine bottle labels to try to get in.

Now here is the genial host of the evening, Don Bigbie of Cross Timbers Winery. Thank you again, Don, for yesterday, and for the memories of the past.

We are all blessed by working together.



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