We are busy with what may be our largest grape harvest yet! We are celebrating with the release of 2015 Mourvèdre. A great 100% Texas grown red wine for you to enjoy.

Our 2015 Mourvèdre is sure to please your palate. Very raspberry flavor with notes of sour cherry and a tangy finish. Try our 100% Texas grown Mourvèdre as you explore what Texas can do with this classic Spanish grape.

Most wine historians agree that Mourvèdre is likely to be Spanish in origin, though its exact history is difficult to pinpoint. The variety was probably introduced to Catalonia by the Phoenicians around 500 BC. If you would like to read more information about Mourvèdre, you may enjoy this article by Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly.  She give food pairing suggestions in this article as well.

Mourvedre wine is a seemingly obscure grape used in some of the most famous red blends of the world. Find out more about how
Mourvedre wine tastes and what foods to pair with it.

Source: The Mourvedre Wine Guide | Wine Folly

Monthly wine club pick up on the first Tuesday of the month! Remember that as we told you last month, we are making a change to better coordinate our monthly wine club processing. We will process your monthly wine club order and make it available for you for pickup or for shipment on the first Tuesday of the Month which this month will be September 5th, 2017.


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