Bingham Family Vineyards 2019 Blake Eddie

We are introducing a new wine this fall called “Blake Eddie”, a semi-sweet red wine.

This sweet red wine has a jammy, fruity, bright taste which might remind you of a port wine.

Even those of you that don’t think that you like semi-sweet wine would like this when eating a sweet dessert, especially one with chocolate.

And yes, this wine is dedicated to our sweet son, Blake. Many of you miss loved ones lost to Covid or other illnesses, just as we will miss our Blake.

A bright ray of sunshine that shone happiness and joy to everyone in his world, Blake’s smile could light up any room. His humor beamed happiness and friendship to all. Blake, you will be loved and missed till we see you again in heaven.

Enjoy this wine as you savor every moment that you have with your loved ones. It pairs well with fried Jalapeño peppers or salty French fries (favorite foods of Blake), but it also pairs well with Godiva Ganache Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies. I purchased mine at Costco.

When pairing a sweet food item with a wine try a wine with some residual sugar to balance the flavors.

Bingham Family Vineyards 2019 Blake Eddie, semi-sweet wine, paired with Godiva chocolate cookies
Bingham Family Vineyards 2019 Blake Eddie semi sweet wine paired with Godiva chocolate cookies

Who doesn’t love a fresh baked cookie even when one is busy. These were so easy to make, just pop them in the oven. This semi-sweet wine was the perfect pairing with the rich dark chocolate fudge in the center of these cookies.

If you can’t find these cookie at Costco, try this chocolate chip cookie recipe from the Godiva Chocolate website.


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