misty morning at the Bingham's House

Well, this is what Groundhog Day looked like yesterday in our neck of the woods. Pretty foggy all day. I wonder if that will mean an early spring or not? I didn’t even see any groundhogs out at all. We don’t really mind either way. Just as long as when it warms up it stays warmed up. But that is the reason we are putting in our experimental evaporative cooling system. We’ll try learning all kinds of ways to keep a good crop. Good moisture for the year so far. It is raining again today. We love the rain. Except for the mud on my car. I can’t even park it in the garage. It is just one big mud ball. Looks like almost 1″ of slow rain. That may not mean much to you all, but it is good for our land. Good for the grapes and for the cotton and peanuts to come. Maybe we’ll have a good crop, but I think we’ll just leave that outcome to God after we have done the best job we can.

Then after taking a look at the skies for Groundhog Day, I drove up to my house after a long, long day in town for music lessons for the children, tired as a dog. And this is what I saw…

My breath was taken away a little. I thought who in the world is invited to my house for dinner?

One of my sons had asked if he started supper could he invite his brothers and sisters. I said suuure, Sweetheart. He is only inviting his brothers and sisters right? Then I saw this… then I realized, wow, we really DO have a lot of children. They’re actually even having to double park!

So there were actually only 16 for dinner, counting all the children and grandchildren. It really was pretty workable when I realized that (wow!) everything was actually fixed before I even got home. They were just waiting on us. How, sweet. Gosh, I guess I’ll just keep them all anyway. Wine pairing for the night: a bottle of Becker Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon from Canada Vineyard. Very nice evening, very nice wine pairing.

Blessing, Betty

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