So, you say you have always wanted to put a vineyard in. Well, here is your chance to learn how.

Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association (TWGGA) is having 2009 Grape Camp this weekend in beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas.

Early bird members special has been extended till – today. Click here for details for Grape Camp.

It is also just a great time for networking and getting to know people.

Hey, I just realized that the guys are going to give me a hard time for picking this picture. It shows the drip tape “on top” and we always put it below ground out here. I really don’t “try” to walk into every conceivable controversial topic (such as do you do the drip “above ground” or “below ground”) – it just seems to happen. I really just picked the picture because of the beautiful West Texas sky. Oh, well, – one more topic that you can discuss with a bunch of growers at Grape Camp.

Blessings, Betty

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