Last night temperatures got down to 32′ degrees in our Vineyards. There was hard freeze on the pickup. There was moisture on the vines, but only slight freeze on the vines and leaves.

This evening and in a few days we will know more about any damage.

Is in only viticulture people who sleep by their LED screen in the spring that shows the outdoor temperature? Praying and hoping.

Such is life for the Dirt Farmer and the rest of our team.

It take great effort and faith for us to provide our customers with 100% Texas grown wines.

Next time you are looking to explore 100% Texas grown wine, rest assured when you purchase a bottle of Bingham Family Vineyards wine. You can read it on the label, 100% Texas grown, Texas High Plains.

We are hoping and praying for a good harvest this year. To bring you a boutiful amount of all of our wines to you our friends.


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