Well, the test results came back from the grapes that were sampled last Friday. No need to test again till this Friday. Now we can turn our interest to our new sorting and press machinery that we are putting in at our barn. 14.08.04_VineyardEquipment_005-web   Concrete work was delayed by the rains that we had a while back. But moving quickly now.

14.08.01_Vineyards_014 We need a place for this press. 14.08.01_Vineyards_013 And a place for this huge press. 14.08.04_VineyardEquipment_017-web   Some pieces to move the grapes from point to point. 14.08.04_VineyardEquipment_006-web   Like these conveyors. 14.08.04_VineyardEquipment_003-web   And a place for this special piece of equipment. A Pellence Selectiv sorting system. The main purpose of the machine is to allow us to provide the highest quality harvest to our wineries. An improvement in the complexity and aromatic intensity, suppleness of the tannins, and just purer wines with reduced herbaceous character, bitterness, astringency, and dryness.   14.08.04_VineyardEquipment_015-web   Everyone is interested in this piece of equipment as you can see. 14.08.04_VineyardEquipment_021-web   14.08.04_VineyardEquipment_019-web

14.08.04_VineyardEquipment_023-web To be honest I don’t really know how this piece of machinery is supposed to work, but it is supposed to sort, de-stem, remove mog (which is “matter other than grapes”) that you don’t want in your juice as it is fermented into wine. You can even set it so that you have only juice and berries left. You might even want to remove all the “little” berries. Different winery might want different processing, so you can set it accordingly. 14.08.04_VineyardEquipment_025-web Maybe we should give them a little more time to measure and put all the pieces together, and then we will come back to see how it all works.

Blessings, Betty

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