I have to admit, she is my mother-in-law, but – I love her! And I love her art work. Sometimes I will tell someone that my mother-in-law gave me another painting as a gift! They will tell me in a very “knowing” way how, yes, they get paintings from their mother-in-law that they are somewhat embarrassed to even hang on their walls. I then have to explain that, no, no, my mother-in-law’s paintings are so magnificent that I have actually paid money to “buy” one. Actually it was my husband who bought it for me as a gift, but I was totally thrilled with it.

So, anyway, Grancy (as her grandchildren loving call her) has her new art greeting cards all printed up. You can see them on her web site, or you can see them right here. Two different sets are available now.


Here is the first package of cards. It includes eight 5″ x 7″ cards, two of each of these four cards.

Here is a full picture of this pastel. This one is called “Spring Bouquet.”

Here is a link to see this pastel, “Front Porch.” This is a favorite pastel of mine. Maybe that is because the original hangs in my living room!

Ohhh, no maybe this one is my favorites “Fireweed in Alaska.” Hmmm, the original of this one hangs at my house, too!

This is a great Hill Country scene called “Magill Peak-Llano” that I love!

So, there you go. Set #1 has two of each of those cards. Then set #2 has these four cards.

Here is this pastel, “Mayhill Mountain Home.” Bad photograph, I know, but just click on that link, and you’ll see a better photo of the pastel.

And “Early Snowfall.”

Here is “In Remembrance.”

Oh, I love this floral, too. It is called “Wildflowers.” I am going to have to get more of these cards. And if you want to see more of her paintings and pastels you can visit her web site at PeggyBingham.com



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