Yes, it is almost here – the 2010 Lubbock Youth Symphony Orchestra concert featuring Griff Kimball on the marimba as a guest soloist!

There will be six Bingham children playing, two Binghams pushing around chairs and children to get them all in place, one Bingham momma taking picture throughout the concert, and one Poppa Bingham with his buttons popping off with pride.

Here is the link to the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra Site with more information of the LYSO concert.

Of course the big people (Lubbock Symphony Orchestra) are having a concert this Friday and Saturday nights that you might be interested in also. Corey Cerovsek will be playing violin as a guest artist. I got to hear him play a little this afternoon and he is fabulous. I can’t wait to hear the concert myself.

Blessings, Betty

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