Hey, there is a blog on the Whole Foods web site up today about organic peanutbutter. It also has a picture of a real hunk of a guy. The really good looking one on the right. That one is My Honey. The other two are sons. They are poseing in front of a big pile of peanuts that have been dug up and set to dry in the West Texas sun. The peanuts are about to be thrashed by the combine that is behind them to separate the peanuts in the shells from the vine trash. Then the peanuts still have to be sent to the peanut plant and dried some more, shelled, roasted, salted, ground up, or whatever they need before they are really ready to eat.

Paige Brady makes a confession about her brother’s peanutbutter eating habits. Maybe I should make a confession too … When I was in college, sometimes it was just too much time and trouble to go down to the lunch room each morning for breakfast, so I kept jars of peanutbutter in my dorm room at Texas Tech and ate a big spoonful or two or three (depending on the morning) of peanutbutter. That was back when most normal people didn’t have refrigerators in their dorm rooms and good snack options weren’t always available. Anyway, I still like peanutbutter.

Then there is the other funny story about my husband buying me 50 lbs of roasted peanuts so that I could grind my own peanutbutter out of them. Well, he accidentally bought peanuts — in the shell. Needless to say I like the convenience of buying peanuts already ground into peanutbutter in the jar, sometimes I like to use whole peanuts and grind them myself into peanutbutter (or should I say get one of my children to do that for us), but I wasn’t about to “shell” 50 lbs of peanuts by hand and then grind them into peanutbutter.

So — we gave away bags and bags of peanuts and then finally donationed a bunch to the local food bank who seemed to love having 2 lb. bags of salted roasted peanuts in the shell to give to those in need.

Anyway go to the Whole Foods web site and read the blog, look at the great recipes, and print up your own coupon for 365 Everyday Value Organic peanut butter. Ohh, I almost forgot – even a contest to win a case of peanutbutter. It wouldn’t last long at our house. 

My mother is going to be estactic to see this blog. She is one of those moms that would be more excited to see her children on the Whole Foods web site than on the Forbes magazine site. J

Blessings, Betty

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