Save Texas Wineries

We were so excited on Saturday to announce that our tasting room in Fredericksburg has been allowed to reopen again. We are eagerly hoping that our Grapevine tasting room will be allowed to reopen soon, as well. Now we are joining with other wineries to help them to reopen as well.Β 

We care about the weakest in our society, but we believe that Texas wineries can operate just as safely, if not safer, than Texas restaurants. Our tasting room at Fredericksburg, and Grapevine when it is allowed to reopen, will be focused on the good of all members of our society, especially the weak and vulnerable. We have decided to limit the number of people in our tasting room at one time and to practice the measures listed on our Covid-19 update page to reduce the opportunity for viral transmission.

After studying the goals of #SaveTexasWineries, we have decided to work with this organization to help all Texas wineries reopen.


You can help, too, by contacting your representatives to express your support of wineries being allowed to wisely and carefully reopen. Here is a form to help you do that. Once you put your name and address into the form, it will give you a suggested message that you can change and craft into a message for you to send to all of your representatives.

You may also choose to donate to this cause through the PAC whose goal it is to open Texas Wineries.

The Binghams

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