Growth in the Past Ten Years

So, what have we been doing for the last ten years…

In early December of 2003, we planted our first wine grape vines. Here is a picture that Bobby Cox took of the four acres of Viognier in the ground. If you look close you can tell that only six rows have been watered in. The row watering took quite a bit of time and work. After this first planting, everyone started looking for ways to do the same precise workmanship, but with less physical work and time. Ten years later, on a good day, we can plant twenty acres.

In the old method we used a measuring tape that had marks every four feet. It would be stretched out and drinking straws put out at each mark. Bobby Cox was right there teaching us how to do it. On this occasion, Cliff decided to save a little money and buy black coffee stirrers to use instead of the larger white drinking straws. Hmmm, Bobby wasn’t too impressed when he saw the field because… well he couldn’t see the black straws. I am not sure that anyone could see them well from a distance.

It seemed that everyone, including all the children had other jobs to do, so I had one child watch the baby in the house while the next three or four younger ones and I went through the field putting white straws over the black straws. I think that I went behind the two year old straightening out her straws a little. And so you see the white straws sticking out of the field as markers, even when you can’t even really see the plants which look like sticks in the ground.

Wonderful memories.

Here is another old picture from March of 2005 when the vines were 2nd leaf.

Now ten years later with the children older, Bingham Family Vineyards has 245 acres of wine grapes that we grow. Going out to more than twenty outstanding wineries in the great state of Texas. We are looking forward to more wonderful adventures in the future.



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