The harvester has been going just about all night, and it is still going this morning. This picture is of the harvester running on the 15th of this month. The rest of these pictures are a mixture from that date till today. The days have been a whirlwind, so you can imagine that it is hard to recount in order.

14.08.16_ _016-web

The days have been hot and beautiful, wonderful for the grapes ripening.

14.08.16_ _032-web

Since the majority of the Viognier grapes are from secondary buds (because of the late spring freeze that we had freezing out the primary buds), these are being harvested a little later in the season than in some years.

14.08.16_ _047-web

While most are of our red grapes, like these Merlot grapes and some later budding white grapes are mostly primary buds. What this means is that our harvest this year is being squish into a shorter total time period. In past years, harvest might have been spread out over six weeks or more. This year it may be started and ended within a month.


In the last week, more equipment has been coming together at the barn close to our vineyards.

14.08.19_ _079-web


The crush press has been running as needed.

14.08.19_ _081-web

Grapes have been filling the bins.

14.08.19_ _086-web

14.08.20_ _096-web

And I did miss the presses running, so all I got to see was the trash waste.

14.08.20_ _097-web

But I did get to see grapes.


And the new pumps to replace older, smaller ones that we had.

14.08.20_ _101-web

I also got to meet Chase Lane who with his wife has a small vineyard of Tempranillo in Ropesville with another acre or so close to Brownfield. He had proudly brought in this beautiful bin of fruit to be loaded on a truck with some of our grapes to go to Messina Hof Winery.


This morning the vineyards were beautiful.



More Viognier to be harvested for Becker Vineyards and Pedernales Cellars.


Had a little harvester trouble. I asked Kyle if it was major or minor. He said very minor. When you have a new machine you have to stop and tighten things up after a while. But, when we finally get to taste the wine made from these grapes, I am sure that we will feel that it was worth all this hard work.

Need to get a little sleep and then a few more pictures.



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