As a senator Ted Cruz is interested in Texas, and for a few days he is getting a closer look at Texas agriculture which is a large part of the Texas economy and many Texans way of life. Today Cruz visited Meadow Co-op Gin, then to our farm and vineyards. Later in the afternoon they were planning on visiting a dairy. So, here was the taste of our lives.

First Cliff showed Cruz peanuts which we are in the process of harvesting and the equipment that we use to harvest them. We have a peanut field near by where the peanuts had been dug, but are left laying on top of the ground to dry. We are hoping for a few more days of dry weather, and then we can use the combines to finish off the harvest. Here Cliff is showing the senator some of those peanuts that are drying.


The next spot was the vineyard. There we introduced the senator to some of our children, Nathan, Sierra, and Brianna. Eric was there also, who helps in the vineyards.


So, today’s home school lessons were on articulating what the children have learned about agriculture. Also politics was the discussion for much of the rest of the day after the tour.


Wire raising and grape testing at harvest were discussed since the children help with that when they aren’t studying school, playing tennis, practicing their instruments, or giving tours to US senators. But they are big helpers on the farm.

Cliff talked about our “120 factor” which is the angle of our rows of vines in combination with leaf pulling on the morning side which encourages the maximum morning sunlight on the grapes while minimizing the sunlight in the afternoon with the in-row shading. All of this encourages uniformity of ripeness of the grapes in their clusters leading to better wine. All of these factors coordinate with the changing angle of sunlight from morning to evening.


Katy Jane Seaton was there representing the High Plains Winegrowers.


Then we took a look at the grape harvester with children, Marissa and Blake. No, we haven’t run out of children to act as guides on the tour just yet. They also explained the complicated process that we have at harvest time as we organize harvest with sales of grapes going to twenty-five different wineries across the state of Texas.


Then son and winemaker, Daniel, took us off to the crush presses and the winery.


The press on the left is one of the largest in the state of Texas. Barrels and tanks of wine were next on the tour.


I think that we did get a smile of approval from several on the tour as we had a barrel tasting of some Merlot.


Our winemakers, Daniel and Manuel, answered some more questions.


Photos were taken. Great photo-op with so many barrels in the shot. We can’t wait to get some more new barrels this year that will have our logo on the lids.


We spent most of our time encouraging Ted Cruz as our representative senator to remember agriculture which is the back bone of society, food and fiber.


Of course we had to then taste some of our Dirt Farmer, our big Tempranillo blend, a tribute to all hard-working farmers. Cliff’s nephew, Nick, another hard-working farmer was there with his wife, Katie Jane. 



Everyone looked like there were having a good time.


Of course, there had to be some music..


The senator got to meet quite a few hard-working farmers at our winery today.


Then after the senator and his crew left, everyone finished off the wine and cheese as an enjoyable break. But we have to get back to work now to make more great Texas wine for you to enjoy.


If you made it through this entire post, let me share a few more thoughts with you. Whatever your political affiliation or beliefs, we live in a republic form of government. That means that once the people (that’s us) have gotten the chance to vote on who we want to represent us in government then we need to respect their office and work with them. They need to hear our voices with logical arguments and not just name calling. Keep in mind how well they work with their constituents when you vote the next time, but in the mean time let’s work together.

As for me, Betty, I am going to write to senator Cruz and tell him that I am concerned about which pesticides are approved for use and which ones aren’t. I don’t want to limit a neighbor’s business model or crops that they have chosen to plant, but I don’t want their choices to limit my family farm and it’s livelihood either. We want our farm to continue for all of our children and for our long time employees some of which are first generations immigrants.

Both our state senators, Ted Cruz web site and John Cornyn web site, need to know what the people think about issues. Just remember that they are people, too. That they are doing what they think is best. We need to take some time to respectfully let them see “the other side” then they have the responsibility to make the best laws and regulations keeping the little guys as well as the country as a whole in mind.



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