A few days ago I showed you pictures of replants of a patch of 2nd leaf Tempranillo. Only one picture showed some 3rd leaf Tempranillo in the distance. Here are some pictures closer up so that you can see the nice crop load. 


David from Pedernales Cellars came down last week to see how the vines and grapes were coming along. Perdernales Cellars has a very beautiful site for their tasting room and a very interesting underground area for their winery in the Hill Country.


Those Tempranillo are coming along nicely.


 Here are some Vermentino grapes developing.


 Then we went to see some 1st leaf Viognier at Clint’s (one of our sons) vineyard site.


Here are his nursery rows for filling out any of his plants in the vineyard that don’t take well.

Then we went to see some Viognier at the vineyard site that Kyle (another son) is taking charge of.






 I just love the sky in West Texas. Isn’t it beautiful?

(Kyle, do you notice which rows need to be plowed. Just a little “motherly” note there.)


This machine is a shoot thinner which thins shoots and fruit. 

 20090618_0017These are pre-pruners which hook on to the last machine you saw. We sure have a lot of interesting equipment around here. I’ll try to take some pictures when they are running it in the future.

Then we also drove over to look at Steve & Cindy Newsom’s new vineyard site in Yoakum County Hockley County (Whoops, My Honey had to correct me on that one. Geography is definitely not my area of expertise) just a little north of us. (Hey, I got this part right. It really is north of us.) Not to be confused with the world famous Neal & Janice (along with Laverne) Newsom Vineyards, but give Steve a few years and it looks like he will have a great vineyard.




Nice growth on these 1st leaf plants. Looks like the Newsoms have a beautiful start to their vineyard.


 I love ladybugs. They eat all kinds of bad bugs.

Blessings, Betty

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