As I was going through pictures trying to catch up on the goings and doings on the farm, I came across pictures of these peanut butter jars. This is the brand that Whole Foods did their web write-up about and told about how we grow organic peanuts on our farm.

Well, when we finally got a hold of some of this peanut butter for ourselves (because we don’t live around any Whole Foods stores,) the jars just screamed out at me. “You are always taking pictures of those sexy wine bottles, but you haven’t taken pictures in a long time of us hearty and nutritious peanut butters!” So, I finally went out and took these pictures – and then promptly forgot about them. How sad, very sad.

I was looking for more photos to post about the farm, and these jars just screamed out at me again! “Don’t forget us! Don’t we look rather strong and majestic there? Sturdy, capable, dependable.”

Oh, and just a little bit coy here.

Just lovely, delicious peanut butter. And just to let you know, after this hard photo session, these two jars of peanut butter were – promptly eaten. They didn’t last long at our house, but were very much enjoyed.



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