Vines at Bingham Family Vineyards covered with ice and snow

Now that Texas is warming up, all of our locations are back in action, Meadow, Fredericksburg, and Grapevine. The weather has brought much needed moisture to the farm.

The weather has also slowed down shipping as a choice, but orders will begin going out on Monday. So consider getting an order in this weekend, to add to your celebrations in the coming weeks.

You may wonder what all of this snow and ice means for the vineyards and the organic row crops. The short answer is that for the row crops this moisture is wonderful. We had been going into one of the driest springs that we have had in the recent past. Fields had already been prepared for planting because we were not sure that we would have enough moisture in the soil to get them ready later in the spring. Now we are ready to plant cotton, hemp, wheat, and whatever other contracts are looking good for year.

The vineyards on the other hand are an unknown. Today the Dirt Farmer (Cliff) and two of his daughters will be out in the vineyards gathering “sticks” as one daughter calls them. The buds on these “sticks” will be cut with a blade to see if there is any green life showing in them. If not, then they are dead and will not produce fruit (grapes) later in the year.

So we wait and see. Maybe later this weekend, we will know some news. In a few more weeks, we will know even better.

Still hoping and praying that all are warm and safe.


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