So what do you do when you have a great opportunity to move to your own place. A place for you to build dreams. But everyone else is busy… with the holidays and other projects.

Well, we bring in the family and our team members. To pour concrete, construct shelves, and create counter tops. And the floor needs a good finish, and ultimately that door needs to be replaced.

So much to do, but we are committed to opening up our Hye tasting room by the end of the month to bring our estate wine from the High Plains of Texas to our friends in the Texas Hill Country.

Yes, that’s our Dirt Farmer cutting boards along with our son, Nathan. Both are usually either out in our organic row crop fields or in the vineyards. This month they have been in Hye, helping out another son, Kyle, whose project it is to bring this place to life. To make this place a relaxing room for us to share our wine with our friends.

There is another smaller room that we will be using for special tastings and club experiences as you can see in some of these photos. Daughter, Brianna, was able to help last week with the construction. She also helped by taking these photos for us. Unfortunately, I can’t get her to share the video of her drilling screws into the shelves. Maybe if I withheld her paycheck? But she was definitely hard at work with the rest of them. This week she is back at Texas Tech for her second semester.

The granite people will be coming in a couple of weeks, so we have to get the bases done for our tasting bars. There will be two along the sides of this large room. There will be room for tables and chairs for our friends to sit and enjoy a glass of wine as they are stocking up on more wine to take home with them.

The granite people will be able to make us counter tops similar to what we had at our old location closer to Fredericksburg, Texas. But they will not have time to make them all, so Kyle is going to create some food-safe counter tops for the lower bar areas. At lunch today, we considered the choices of patterns.

countertop choices for Bingham Family Vineyards Hye, Texas tasting room created by Kyle Bingham

Our opening will be Friday, January 27th, even if we are still moving in. But we hope to see you all there that day or soon after. If you are a club member, make a reservation for Thursday during our sneak peak for club members day. We might still be moving in, but you can always help.


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