Everything is greening up in the vineyards. Perhaps we won’t have any more freezing weather or hail to hurt the vines, but we might. Growing grapes on the High Plains is an adventurous endeavor.

We practice delaying pruning as much as we can, so that we don’t wake up the vines too early in the spring. Some years the buds just break out earlier than usual because of the weather conditions and temperatures. This year the vines are almost three weeks ahead of their normal growth. That means that harvest may begin in July which is early for us. Mid-August is closer to when the fruit in our vineyards is usually beginning to be ready for harvest.

Early bud break creates concern that we might have freezing weather which would kill the buds that will bring fruit to the vines.

Also looking at the little fruit buds, you can imagine what damage hail at this time of year could cause to the pre-bloom clusters.

The Dirt Farmer and I have experienced these concerns for years. If not with vines than with young cotton plants. We have also experienced the feelings with our children as they have grown from infant to toddler to adult. Hoping and praying for the best for their individual lives. Questioning ourselves if we have done all that we need to provide an environment for them to grow? And what about all the aspects that we have no control over?

But the vines and the children have grown, and continue to grow.

The only solace and hope that we have found through the years is in trusting the Lord. Not that the outcome will always be exactly the way we think that it should be, but that as the Lord has planned. As we are all created for his glory.

It is nice to be quiet at times to simple enjoy the fragile delicacy of the moment. The fragileness of life is frightening at times, but the freshness of spring and the spirit of the Lord encourage us. I heard someone say the other day that the past is never as glorious as you remember it, and the future is never as brilliant as you expect, but today is the day to  live truly and love those around you.  May your heart be encouraged this spring as well.



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