Again, no time for very many words, but here are more photos of the work going on.

Exterior painting is going on. We have a company working on that for us. ***Update on the painting.*** I found out this morning that my children painted the outside of the building! No wonder I didn’t know about it. Brianna told me at breakfast that she painted the brown side of the building while she was there. I think she didn’t tell me, so that I wouldn’t worry about her.

You can see the sand color and the dark brown trim shaping up. They (Brianna, Nathan, and our crew) are doing a good job. This side will ultimately be the front door when the garage door is removed and replaced with a door. There will be a big patio covering the entrance and covering the walkway to the restrooms.

construction at Bingham Family Vineyards, Hye, Texas

We are now working on the counter tops. The granite people came yesterday. They fit us in to their already full schedule because another job they had wasn’t ready for the granite yet, so they were able to fit our smaller job in.

Now Kyle is pouring three layers on the lower countertops. One material for the base, another for the design, and then another substance later on top to make the surface food safe.

Even the Dirt Farmer is right there with them finishing the counter tops, so that we can better serve our friends as they come to taste our wines. Back to work.


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