Sometimes I wonder. I have so many different hats, so many different jobs. There is My Honey, children, grapes, cotton, music, symphony, children, youth symphony, home school group, friends, family, did I say children, homeschooling, meals, children’s tennis, entertaining, church friends, accounting work, cleaning house, laundry, taking children to music lessons, etc.

But, I have decided that my real job is – get this — to come up with the shears when Bobby Cox calls and says the 25 plants of Moscato Giallo have to be picked, NOW! Of course My Honey actually works so he can find his pair, but that is about it.

Me, well, he loves me so much that every time he buys a new batch of clippers, he buys me a pair. I just stuff them in my gardening bag. I use mine occasionally. I use them to cut back the dead Lantana plants in the winter to get them ready for new spring growth. Maybe trim the hedges a little between electric trimmings. And hey, I do carry them out to the vineyards every once in a while, but I usually use my camera more than the clippers out in the vineyards. OK, so I am just being honest here, right?

So what happens when My Honey calls me and asks me, “Please, can we borrow your set of clippers?” I hesitate… I know he thinks I am hesitating because I don’t want mine dirtied up, right? Well, I am really hesitating because I think that I can come up with more than one pair, but I’m not really sure how many. So you guessed it, I found four! And what is so embarrassing is that they all look so CLEAN!

So, even though I am not out helping hand harvest those 25 plants. I did come up with four pairs of clippers!

I also helped with the five sick ones at home, answered emails, went through a week of mail (Long story, but we finally have a mailbox again.), helped with supper, did some school planning, did laundry, did some organizational work for a new non-profit organization … I guess I had better go read a bedtime story to the little ones that are still awake. Then tomorrow, I’ll think about what my job really is.



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