This is what my living room looked like until this morning. Very used and much loved.

When we needed more space for dining, we just moved some furniture out and brought out tables.

Even though we do live out in the boonies, we do have guests at times.

Sometimes A LOT of guests.

This is what it looks like today. Rather barren, but on its way to being tiled. That will make it so much easier to use as an entertaining area.

It all started with the idea to remodel the kitchen. First the stove top went out and needed to be replaced, that lead to new counter tops, which lead to new cabinet arrangement designs, which lead to new tile, which lead to the new tile in the living room.

So now the kitchen looks like this.

The white washed cabinets are on their way out along with the blue counter tops. A section of wall is even being removed to open up the kitchen area to the hallway next to it and making it more open to the living room.

So my working kitchen right now looks like this…

So we really aren’t starving, just roughing it a little. Lunch conversation lead to My Honey describing to our children how his grandparents homesteaded in this area, eating only what they hauled home from the train depot every six months or so. He made me so tired out I really wanted to go take a nap.

Some really good wines were tasted in that kitchen, but …

It’s time to say good-bye to the old and send it off to another home. While we rough it till the new kitchen gets here.



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